At Sophia Foods, we think good food should be a standard, not a luxury. 

We believe it's the artistry of food, and the altruism to share it with those we love, that is so uniquely human. We've partnered with the world's finest to develop the products worthy of our name, and continue to do everything in our power to ensure Sophia Foods embodies this ethos.

We operate by a four-step level of quality assurance to ensure only the best reaches your table. 


Taste and Test

Any good chef knows to taste before they serve. Surprisingly, many food brands don't; they look at global sales numbers and churn out "product". At Sophia Foods, we carefully curate, taste, and tweak before any item gets added to our collection.


Inspect and Connect

Of course our facilities hold the highest quality and safety certificates, such as GFSI, SQF, BRC, IFS, FSSC, GLOBALG.A.P. and BAP. We visit personally to check ingredients, cleanliness and order. But behind all those certificates and jargon, we're real people who care; we're like-minded suppliers, employees, associates, and consumers. Each stakeholder shares a passion for delicious food and a commitment to excellence, every step of the way.


Love and Respect

We see food as the perfect catalyst for personal expression, sharing, and caring, so we value quality more than anything; it's on this premise that our business was founded. It's been our goal from the beginning to use natural, earth-derived ingredients, prepared and packaged in a simple, sensible way that's healthy for us, those we love, and the planet we all share.


Listen and Learn

People want to know what's going into their body, and we couldn't be happier about today's enlightened consumers. In fact, we think the trend is long overdue. We encourage feedback and take each call, email, and note to heart. To learn more about our roots, philosophy, and commitment to quality, read Our Story